Batang Baliwagenyo Month, Nagsimula na!

Naging maaga ngunit makabuluhan ang naging panimula ng buwan ng mga bata sa Baliwag matapos itong ipagdiwang sa pamamagitan ng Trick Or Treat, Preliminaries ng Galing Mo Kid! at Inagurasyon ng Bagong Child Safety Bay at Entrance Gate ng Mariano Ponce.

Ang buwan ng mga bata ay ipinagdiriwang tuwing buwan ng Nobyembre. Ninais nga ni Mayor Ferdie Estrella na maging masaya, maayos at makabuluhan ang magiging selebrasyon ng Buwan ng mga Bata.

Ang tatlong aktibidad na iyon ay walang ibang layon kung hindi ang itulak ang karapatan ng mga bata, at mapalaki silang hindi kailanman napagkaitan ng mga mahahalagang karapatan kontra pang-aabuso, pagkitil sa paglinang at lumaki ng normal.

(Transformation follows Efficiency

(PART 2)

The transformation process is not a one shot deal. It is a way of life and a way of governance. It is consistent and firm. 

While you are in the process of reorganization,  there will be hurdles in various forms and sizes such as padrino system, gossiping and raucus. It is messy, in short. But it should not deter or dishearten as it will only be in the guise of noise. The noisiest are usually the most affected.  May kasabihan sa Filipino na pinakamaingay kumalansing ang latang walang laman. 

Personnel Selection Board

An organization can only say reforms are paying off when people start to convey the language of goals and values. When the strategy of how it choose people must shift, choosing only the best and the brightest. It must also reward by promoting deserving people. 

Recruitment is key in every organization. It must choose the right people for the right position with the right pay. Hence, it must begin from making the Personnel Selection Board functional and truly working, recommending only the most qualified of all. 

That was what the Local government did in the first few months to effect the counter culture it needs. Get on board smart, deserving, energetic, passionate and most people up for what it will become the renaissance of Baliwag. 


The idea that an employee must be promoted on the basis of his longevity is a mistake. An employee should not also establish a sense of ownership for any position that is vacant on the basis of his long years in service. Promotion must be on the basis of meritocracy or how he was able to contribute or what was his/her initiatives to improve the service.

Culture of a Learning Org

If an organization’s workforce fails to embrace a culture that encourages its workforce to study, attend trainings and explore new models in management, expect that the organization will remain stagnant. It will not develop and be satisfied with the status quo, oblivious of the reality. 

That’s what exactly happened to Baliwag. Except for the department heads, People were not sent to trainings and worse, people were promoted on the basis of how close they were to superiors. That system was the perfect potion for any to breed complacency, demotivated employees and the disinterst to challenge the status quo. That happened to Baliwag, until bridge.

Baliwag means Business
The third Executive Order was the transfer of the Business Permits and Licensing Office under the Office of the Mayor from the Office of the Treasurer. It was a strategic move knowing the direction of management was to reverse Baliwag’s CMCI current ranking which is at 960th out of 1245 municipalities that joined the National Competitiveness Council’s Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index. Secondly, it needed to computerize its systems in just four months. 
Baliwag’s economic dynamism is not reflective of the number of business permits issued. Imagine, Baliwag, a town with a lot of promise has only 2300 registered businesses.  (To be continued)

Baliwag ECCD COUNCIL nakatakdang Manumpa sa Tungkulin Ngayon araw!

Nakatakda na ngang manumpa ngayon sa tungkulin ang mga itinalagang miyembro ng Early Child Care and Development Council of Baliwag. 

Itinalaga ngang Co Chairpersons ni Mayor Ferdie Estrella sina Municipal Administrator Enrique Tagle at Montessori de Sagrada de Familia Montessori Directress Maria Cristina Silamor. Sila din ay nahirang bilang mga tagapangulo ng Steering at Curriculum. 

Sina Dr Andy Cruz, G. Arvin Darcen, MPDC Engr Mencie De Leon, Budget Officer  Josefina Tanggol,  MsWDO Jo Labasbas, District Supervisor Dr Arceli Ralleta, Baliwag Water District at ABC Sonny Robes naman ay bilang kinatawan ng mga kapitan. 

Samantala, sina Coun. Ding Nicolas, ang tagapangulo ng Komite ng Kabataan ay nahirang  na sa legislation; Arch. Monic Villangca ay taga-Pangulo ng Infrastructure; Bb. Fidji Rivera-Sarmiento sa Struggling Readers;   Dr. Mary Joan Dinlasan sa Health; Brenda Bernardo sa Nutrition; Jo Labasbas sa Minding; Bro. Domingo Padilla sa Parental Support and Effectiveness. 

Ang Baliwag nga ngayon ay nakatutok sa pagrereporma ng early childhood care and development kabilang na ang standardization ng mga ECCD CENTERS kasama na ang pasilidad at kurikulum. Dalawa nga ang programa ngayon ng Baliwag – minding at preschool education. 
Ilan sa mga naisagawa na ay ang mga sumusunod na reporma:

1. Continuing Education and Training of Faculty and Minding Practitioners;

2. Curriculum standardization at Minding Program Institutionalization;

3. Free Worktextbook;

4. New ECCD uniform;

5. Upcoming Facility Improvement tulad ng airconditioning, mat flooring, cctv, multimedia, at wash area; at

6. Weigh In at Supplemental feeding

Pinapaigting din ang programa para sa mga bata sa idad 0-4 sapagkat ito ang tinatawag na formative years kung saan pinakamabilis nabubuo ang utak.

Kasama sa programa ang parental support at health and nutrition. 

Mayor Ferdie Visited Japanese Enceph patient

Mayor Ferdie visited 10 year old young Baliwagenya Patient xxx from brgy. Pinagbarilan who had recovered from Japanese Encephalitis. 

According to the World Health Organization, Japanese Encephalitis virus JEV is the most important cause of viral encephalitis in Asia. It is a mosquito-borne flavivirus, and belongs to the same genus as dengue, yellow fever and West Nile viruses. The first case of Japanese encephalitis viral disease (JE) was documented in 1871 in Japan. It is characterized by the onset of high fever and severe headache Most JEV infections are mild (fever and headache) or without apparent symptoms, but approximately 1 in 250 infections results in severe clinical illness. Severe disease is characterized by rapid onset of high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, coma, seizures, spastic paralysis and ultimately death. The case-fatality rate can be as high as 30% among those with disease symptoms. Of those who survive, 20%–30% suffer permanent intellectual, behavioural or neurological problems such as paralysis, recurrent seizures or the inability to speak.

The first known Japanese Encephalitis unfortunately had spastic paralysis and nuerological problems. 

Mayor Ferdie reminded all residents in the area to continue the 4 o clock habit or the habit of cleaning every 4 oclock in the afternoon or before sunset and in the morning after sunrise.

Commentary: Baliwag faced with the highest Teenage Preggies in Region 3 and an Alarming Suicide cases. Are we failing GMRC and CLE? 

As usual, the Local Government is upbeat and excited to engage with the Private Schools, given the many challenges it need to face. With thousands of students from all over the province and nearby towns, Baliwag, the most urbanized and diverse among the municipalities in northern and eastern parts of Bulacan and about five towns of Pampanga. A junction and a transport hub, Baliwag has the biggest operation of public market in the Province of Bulacan with traders from the different parts of the country including Marawi and Lanao. Historically, Baliwag is a commerce district with many products and produce traded here. 

With an estimated daytime population of between  400,000 to 600,000 it can easily be concluded that it must be confronted with similar problems faced by urbanized cities, after all, Baliwag is more a city than some component cities in the country.

Top of Mind Choices

Garbage, Transport Development and Fare Regulation, Traffic, Sheltering, Disaster and petty crimes are just some of the issues easily identified. The Local Government prepared a very long list of assignment and things to do but there are two in the list that shattered me.

Poor EQs

The Local Government now must lead a generation of young people so detached with oneself. Technology itself can be overwhelming. While social media aims to build and rebuild networks, it is void of genuineness, care, warmth just like what an embrace or a kiss can provide.  People reconnect through social media but do we really harness its power? If yes, how come people remain sad, depressed and suicidal. Last year, one school registered three suicides. 

GMRCs and Christian Living

Are we also teaching it right to our students and if yes, why then Baliwag has the highest recorded teenage pregnancy in Central Luzon. If these teenage moms then are out of school, what kind of society we have now? Who are educating them? Is the government too busy not to mind? How about the church, our pastors and lay? Should we not talk about this together as a society with common goals, shared ideals and concern for each other. Are we all faking the living the faith or we are really so into me, myself and I?

Why is the LGU ordinarily BUSY? 

The coming week is seen to be ordinarily busy, “that is the NEW NORMAL”, an employee of the Local Government joked.

June 19 – Self Assessment Customer Satisfaction, Municipal Child-Friendly Evaluation

June 20 – High FVE sa Barangay

Inauguration of Footbridge

 Cluster Meeting of the Social Protection Sector 

June 22 – ECCD Parent’s Briefing AM PM and Meeting of the Private Schools Consortium with Offices of Environment, Public order and safety and Health and Nutrition.

Baliwag Local Civil Registry Chief Dolores Lumabas also came to notice how employees seemed to be always doing something and on guard all time. Nabuhayan ng dugo“, a Filipino idiomatic expression for awakened senses or resurrected dynamism.

That one could be the result of a counter-culture program launched by Mayor Ferdie when he assumed office. They live up to the mantra: dapat serbisyong may malasakit at kung may malasakit daw ito ay kailangan maagap, magiliw, maaasahan, mahusay at magkakatuwang. The feedback mechanism was also working very good for the people with so many platforms available such as the website, calls and texts to hotline, suggestion boxes and of course, facebook, all of which are working 24/7. In short, these times are times, difficult not to know if you are working as per target. The Municipality of Baliwag is strictly adhering to the Strategic Performance Management System and is vying for the Seal Of Local Good Governance and ISO Certification. Both of which are requirements for the release of the Performance Based Bonus. 

Municipal Administrator Enrique Tagle said: “Like what Mayor Ferdie said, Baliwagenyos deserve nothing but the highest form of service. The employees, well most of them, are embracing this new culture of governance. This is a time when employees take so much pride in wearing their uniforms and IDs. Yes, I can say, there’s a sense of pride in it. In the LGU, we continue to aspire for that day, when people and institutions will equate government to efficiency.”

No Registration Fee, Free Worktext books, New Teachers, Free Shirts at  Standardized Curriculum para sa Baliwag Day Care. 

Ilan nga lang iyan sa mga benepisyo na nag-aantay sa ating bagong ECCD Program sa Baliwag. Matapos ang isang taon na extension period sa ating mga daycare students ay ninais na nga ni Mayor Ferdie na ipatupad ang standardized curriculum upang masiguro ang kalidad ng pagtuturo sa ating mga batang Baliwagenyo. Pinakamahalagang Idad nga ang 3-5 taong gulang kung saan ang mga bata ay nagsisimulang mahubog ang kaisipan. Dito nabubuo ang konsepto ng kumpiyansa, tama at mali, pananaw at iba pang katangian.

mga babaguhin sa Baliwag ECCD:

1. Pagstandardized ng kurikulum upang masiguro na ang itinuturo sa isang barangay ay ganun din sa iba.

2. pareparehong paggamit ng materyales at laruang panturo

3. pangangalaga sa kabuuan ng ECCD Program kasama na ang nutrition, neglect, special needs at pagbabasa.

4. pagpapatibay sa Early Child Care Development Program sa pamamagitan ng pasilidad at pamilya.

5. WASH Program

6. Pagpapasailalim sa isang konseho nang makabuo ng matibay na polisiya at  program monitoring.

7. Teacher professionalization.

Magkakaroon nga ng sariling worktextbook ang lahat ng nasa daycare, kits, t-shirt, at journal at ito ay ibibigay ng libre.

pinapaiwas nga ni Mayor Ferdie ang mga magulang sa paggastos sa mga hindi mahalagang mga bibilhin. 

Kailangan natin itaas ang  lebel ng daycare upang sa gayon ay maibigay o maipantay natin ang mga oportunidad na laan sa mga may kaya sa pribadong daycare center. 

Ayon kay Mayor Ferdie, walang batang dapat maiwanan sa Baliwag.

DPWH set to turnover footbridge with elevators to LGU Baliwag

The Department of Public Works and Highways will be turning over a 15 Million footbridge located at BS Aquino Avenue, Barangay Tangos sandwhiched between the two campuses of the Montessori de Sagrada Familia (MDSF) The footbridge was made possible thru the initiative of Congressman Apol Pancho. 

The Sangguniang Bayan ng Baliwag has given the green light for Mayor Ferdie Estrella to sign a memorandum of agreement to accept the said footbridge. The project is expected to ease traffic  congestion in the area which is worsened by crossing pedestrians mostly, students and parents of MDSF. The footbridge is equipped with elevators on both sides.

The inauguration is scheduled on June 20 at 9:00am. DPWH Officials, Congressman Apol Pancho, Mayor Ferdie Estrella, Sanggguniang Bayan members and the Barangay Tangos officals are expected to attend the inauguration.

Baliwag ECCD Teachers, nagsagawa ng briefing bago magpasukan. DAYCARE STUDENTS walang dapat bayaran na registration fee.

Binigyan ni Baliwag Early Chilhood Care and Development Council Co-Chairperson Maria Cristina Silamor ng huling pagsasanay ang mga ECCD Teachers bago ang kanilang nakatakdang pasukan. Ang mga ECCD o daycare teachers ay binigyan ng kaukulang pagsasanay sa classroom management at lesson planning and play integration.

Ang pagbuo nga ng mga polisiya patungkol sa ECCD ay inilagay sa isang council na siyang binuo upang matutukan ang mga programa para sa mga bata. Ang ECCD ay binibigyang kapangyarihan na makabuo din ng mga polisiya ukol sa children nutrition, children with disabilities and special needs at slow readers. Ang mga magulang ay isasailalim din sa parent effectiveness seminar. 

Ayon kay Mayor Ferdie: sa pamamagitan ng standardization ng Daycare program, mabibigyan natin ng kalidad ang paghahawak ng mga teachers sa kanilang mga klase. Sisiguruhin natin na ang tinuturo ay tama, angkop sa idad at dapat maghahanda sa kanila sa pagtuntong sa klase.  Mababantayan din natin ang implementasyon ng nutrition program sa kanila na WALANG BAYAD. Inihahanda na nga ng ating consultant ang worktextbook na gagamitin ng mga daycare. 

Reporma ng Baliwag ECCD Sinimulan na! Teachers nireshuffle, muling magsasanay. 

w na ngang ipatupad ang mga reporma sa Baliwag Early Childhood Care Development Program matapos nga na maantala ito ng isang taon. Matapos ang pagbuo ng isang Konseho na mamamahala sa implementasyon ng ECCD program ay ibinaba na ang listahan ng mga bagong guro, samantala, ang lahat naman ng guro na nakalusot sa training, curriculum preparation, demonstration at parents’ evaluation ay hindi na maaaring malagay sa dating barangay na huling naturuan nang sa gayon ay masiguro natin na ang mga guro ay hindi nahihimpil ang kanilang pagkamalikhain sa pagtuturo. Ayon sa pag-aaral dapat na naiikot ang mga guro nang magkaroon sila ng kakaibang perspektibo sa pagtuturo at pakikipagtrato sa mga mag-aaral. 

Malinaw ang layunin ng ECCD Development Program sa kasalukuyan at ito ang mga sumusunod:

1. Makagawa ng angkop na kurikulum para sa mga idad bago ang pagtungtong sa paaralan. 

2. Makapaghandog ng mga tamang kagamitan panturo at laruan nang makatulong sa pagsasalin at makahanap ng mga katuwang na nasa pribadong sektor o kaya ay civic organizations na tutulong na mailunasad ang programa tulad ng WASH.

3. Masigurong nasa hustong idad ang mga nageenrol sa DepEd Eccd at LGU Eccd at magkaroon ng tamang paglalapat ng ekspektasyon ang magulang, guro, mag-aaral at pamahaalang barangay at ang Pamahalaang Barangay sa kanilang mga tungkulin.

4. Makapaglunsad ng naaayong nutrition program kasama na ang maayos na implementasyon nito. 

5. Makapaglunsad ng Parent Effectiveness Seminar buhat sa mga magulang na naka enrol na at hindi pa nakaenrol na bata na may layunin na magpapatibay sa pundasyon ng mga magulang.

6. Magsagawa ng surveillance ukol sa implementasyon ng  New Children Code of Baliwag.

Nais ni Mayor Ferdie na matutukan talaga ang programa para sa batang Baliwagenyo. Ito umano ang dapat na maging sentro ng programa natin para sa mga bata – mula sa kanilang sinapupunan hanggang sila ay mag labing-walong taon gulang.

Magsisimula ang pasukan sa Miyerkules at dito nga magsasagawa na ng electronic registration sa pamamagitan ng mga e-tablets.

Ang mga bagong assignments ay ipapatupad upang maiwasan ang complacency at pananatili sa kanilang mga comfort zones ang mga guro. Ang ibang daycare teachers ay magmomonitor naman ng implementasyon ng iba pang programa sa ilalim ng ECCD at Baliwag  New Children Code.