MENRO: Some Identified Establishments under Strict Surveillance for Illegal Dumping. 

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office had placed a listing of business establishments with various vaiolations concerning illegal dumping, absence of a waste water treatment facility, absence of mrf and poor segregation practices. 
It is found out that certain restaurants and fastfood chains are illegaly dumping their waste water on drainage canals causing it to further clog. Used oils and grease mixed with various elements solidify causing drainage canals to clog. Sometimes, the properties of non-water soluble elements such as grease prevented water to move causing canals to further stink. In January 2018, business establishments will be required to secure environmental clearance to ensure proper disposal and presence of mrf are implemented. 

Meanwhile, two fastfood chains are now under surveillance for illegally dumping waste water in other location through hired tricycle service during store closing. The Municipal Environment Office reminded business establishments to not only think of profits but also be great stewards of the environment. 

Business owners must exercise corporate social responsibility and live up to their respective companies corporate value of stewardship.


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