Mayor Ferdie to sign Executive Order rationalizing meetings in Baliwag

Due to the numerous councils, committees and boards that require the presence of the Local Chief Executive, Mayor Estrella is expected to sign an order rationalizing the meetings according to cluster groups, arranged in accordance with the established clusters by the Department of Interior and Local Government’s Seal of Good Local Governance.

In this manner, the LCE will have more time attending to the major sectoral concerns. Most of the committees created are chaired by the LCE and whose members are practically the same. The Local Health Board, Baliwag Nutirtion Council and the Local Council for Children are all chaired by the Mayor and most members are part of the same board. Local school board , BTECH Board and the newly created ECCD Council are all chaired by Mayor Ferdie. 

Meanwhile, MPOC or the Municipal Peace and Order Council, MADAC, Disaster and Risks are all important bodies that the Mayor preside. 

The Local Development Council, BAC and the Management Committee are exempted in the clustering-approach as they have separate dispositions according to function. The separate boards may meet separately or may call for a special meeting as the need arises.

The Mayor recognizes the importance of his presence in all the aforementioned committes, boards and councils. In this way, we can actually optimize the time and ensure that the department heads  will have more time for other functions assigned to them, Municipal Administrator Eric Tagle said.


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